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Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Mineral Water Treatment Equipment Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Functions of Mineral Water Treatment Equipment
J&D mineral water treatment equipment integrated the primary functions of water filter and water purifier etc.: it can be used to wipe out suspended matters, dusts, particles, organic chemicals, unpleasant tastes, and bacteria etc. in raw water.

Applications of Mineral Water Treatment Equipment
For their good performance, our mineral water treatment machines are widely used in food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing industry, chrome plating industry, water and wastewater treatment plants etc.

Features of Mineral Water Treatment Equipment
1. For the difference of raw water, we at J&D can provide different beforehand filter equipment to satisfy different needs, which including multi medium filter, active carbon filter and 5um &1um guarding filter etc.
2. Wide range of production capacity: 700-100,000LPH.
3. Durable and safety: SS304 stainless steel is adopted as the material.
4. The opening design gives a clear water production process and convenient maintenance.
5. High quality UF membrane is adopted in water filtration process and helps achieving a high callback ratio of 85%.
6. UF membrane can be cleaned by medicament manually, which can protect UF membrane easily.
7. Safe and reliable electrical system: the water treatment equipment will auto stop working when there is open circuit, short circuit or creepage.
8. Intelligent circuit design: the machine will auto work or stop working according to water amount.

Fiber-glass membrane housing, stainless steel membrane housing, fiber-glass filter tank, stainless steel filter tank and pump of different brands can also be used in our mineral water treatment machines.

Parameters of Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Model JND UF 1000
Capacity of pure water 0.7-100TON/H
Power Supply AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60Hz
Callback Ratio ≥85%
Rated Operating Pressure 0.3Mpa
Temperature of Raw Water 1-45℃
PH of Raw Water 2-14
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