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Water Treatment Equipment

    1. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment
    2. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment EquipmentThis equipment is maintained easily and has simple structure. When the conduction of the raw water is lower than 1000us/cm, the water treated by this equipment can meet the pure water standard.
    1. Water Vending Machine
    2. Water Vending MachineOur water vending machine introduces waterproof all-steel cabinet and front door opening design, enabling safe using, long service life and easy installation. Advanced RO purification techniques, nine levels of water treatment highly guarantee the water quality, which is in strict accordance with national standards.
    1. Ice Vending Machine
    2. Ice Vending MachineWaterproof all-steel cabinest, the front door open dessign, safeety and health durable and easy installation. The parts of connecting with ice and water ,used stainless steel 304,all adopt food grade.
    1. Mineral Water Treatment System
    2. Mineral water treatment system features a filtering accuracy of 50000~10000 (molecular weight), which allows the filtering of suspending particles, dust, particles, organic chemicals, unpleasant taste, bacteria out of raw water and make sure that the raw water complies with the standard of mineral water or pure water.
    1. Seawater Desalination System
    2. This sea water desalination equipment can effectively remove harmful elements such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria, pathogens, etc. in sea water to produce high quality waters complying with the National Drinking Water Quality Standard.
    1. Water Distillation Machine
    2. The water distillation machine is an equipment WFI manufactured by heating steam. It has good structure, easy operation, high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and automatic inspection for the WFI quality which has stable service and high purity.

Pure Water Treatment Machines;
Mineral Water Treatment Equipment;
Seawater Desalinator;

Applications of J&D Water Treatment Equipment
J&D household water treatment equipment and water vending machines are core equipment in communities, which facilitated people's daily life.
Other water treatment machines are widely used in food, chemical, medical, semi-conductor, electronic, and other industries, especially water treatment plants to remove existing contaminants and reduce contaminants concentration etc. to make the water suitable for desired use.

Features of J&D Water Treatment Equipment
1. Hygienic and durable for the material of SS304 stainless steel.
2. Large water treatment capacity for our multi-medium beforehand filter.
3. Safe and reliable electrical system:
Open circuit protection, short circuit protection and creepage protections are all available to protect our operation safety.
4. Intelligent circuit design enables our water treatment equipment automatically stop and run according to water amount.
5. Auto wash or manual wash are both available for RO/UF membrance.
6. High quality TFC compound RO membrance helps giving our machines a desalinization ration of 98% at least.
7. Auto-check conductance display helps watching water quality.
8. Active carbon filter helps wiping chlorine in raw water, protecting RO membrane and adjusting the taste.
9. Opening design gives clear production processes and convenient maintenance.

Fiber-glass membrane housing, stainless steel membrane housing, fiber-glass filter tank, stainless steel filter tank and pump as well as RO/UF membrance of different brands can also be equipped in our water treatment equipment.

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