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Water Dispenser

Mini water dispensers, floor standing water dispensers and desktop water dispensers, which may include filtered water dispenser, hot water dispensers, cold water dispensers, hot and cold water dispensers, are all available in J&D, a China water dispenser manufacturer.

Our drinking water dispensers can be used in different occasions: houses, schools, offices, factories as well as any public places etc..

Characteristics of Water Dispensers
1. No pollution: the raw material for producing our drinking water equipment conforms to food safety requirement;
2. Durable and hygienic: Both the hot tank and cold tank are made of high quality SS304 stainless steel, which will not rust and pollute water.
3. Hot tank volume: 1.2 L; cold tank volume: 3.8 L;
And the tank volume is customizable.
4. Inside heater, outside heater and re-heating functions are all available.