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3-6 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Introduction of Bottle Blow Molding Machine JND-90:
1. Application: JND-90 Bottle Blow Molding Machine is especially designed for producing 5 gallon bottles and 25L wide mouth jars;
2. Max. output: 90 BPH for 5-gallon bottles;
3. Main components
(1) main units;
(2) rotary infrared heater: the infrared heater with high penetrative force can heat the inside and outside of preform simultaneously, which help giving our bottle blow machines high shaping ability.
4. Easy operation for its high automation: only one operator is needed and the operator only need to put heated preform into the blow mold and press the switch; the following processes will be automatically completed.

Technical Parameters:
Model JND-90
Clamping Force 30T
Clamping Stroke 330mm
Max. Stretching Stroke 450mm
Bottom Moving Stroke --
Number of Cavities 1 Cavity
Theoretical Output 90BPH
Max. Mould Thickness 380mm
Space Between Tie Bars 480*550mm
Electrical System
Voltage Standard AC 380V/50HZ
Number of Heating Zone 2 Sections
Total Power(Full Loaded) 15kw
Max. Container Volume 25L
Neck Diameter Range 65mm
Max. Container Diameter 330mm
Max. Container Height 550mm
Auxiliary System
Low Air compressor 8-10Bar
High Air compressor 30Bar
Air Dryer 2.0/30
Dimension & Weight (L*W*H)
Blow molding machine 1550*820*2000mm
Preform Oven 2520*680*1550mm
Net Weight 1.4Ton
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