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Shrink Packaging Machinery

    1. Semi-Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Semi-Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrapping MachineThis packaging equipment combined the functions of sealing machines and shrink wrapping machines. And it is also called seal-and-shrink packaging equipment. This shrink packaging machinery is especially designed for collective packaging of bottled or canned products like beverages, wines, mineral water and beer, etc.
    1. Linear Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Linear Shrink Wrapping MachineJ&D Linear wrapping machine is a kind of shrink packaging machine mainly used in collective packing of bottled products or canned products as well as carton box packaging, etc. (Plastic bottle and glass bottle are both applicable)
    1. Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrap Machine
    2. Auto Sealing and Shrink Wrap MachineThe shrink wrapping machine is specially designed for the packaging of mineral water, beverage, wine, beer, infusion medicine bottle, featuring stable operation, tight and ordered packaging. It can serve as a pushing machine when high speed is demanded.
    1. Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
    2. Automatic Shrink Wrap MachineJND series shrink wrap machine is designed to wrap varied bottles with different filling materials, such as beer, beverage, food, and with different bottle materials, like glass and plastic.
    1. Automatic Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Automatic Pallet Shrink Wrapping MachineBig screen LCD display offers both English and Chinese operating interface. Air expanding shaft is fitted into the core of the shrink wrap roll for quick, easy roll change in a couple of minutes.

Applications of Shrink Packaging Machinery
J&D shrink packaging machines are usually combined-use with filling equipment in industries like beverage production, beer production, chemical and medical, etc.. They are mainly used in collective packing for bottled products, etc.

Features of Shrink Packaging Machinery
1. PLC control guaranteed stable performance and accurate control of our shrink packaging machinery.
2. Material feeding, bottle management, shrinking and shrink-film-shaping can all be finished automatically;
3. Sensor switch is adopted in shrink film feeding system, which helps adjusting film length and reduce wastage.
4. The transmission motor is controlled by imported converter and can realize stepless speed regulation.
5. This shrink packaging equipment adopted advanced spiral-wind circulating structure and three-layer insulating layers, which helps saving energy consumption.
6. Reinforced cooling and shaping channel guaranteed quick shrinkwrap shaping and facilitated storing and transportation.

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